About Us


Ariadne McGuinness
Spring 2016

Nomad Tales is written by Ariadne McGuinness. In 2007, I left the United States permanently to see the world. I ended up in Prague for 5 years where I owned a bar for 3 years, got married, and managed to travel Europe whenever I could get away from work. In 2012, I sold the bar and left Prague to travel full-time with my husband. We travelled around Thailand and Cambodia for a few months and then returned to Ireland to bring the Little Nomad into the world. Travel continues, albeit with fewer late night cocktails.

I love exploring archaeological sites and cities with an underground (tunnels, etc.).


Micheal McGuinness
Tangiers, Morocco

Micheal is originally from County Leitrim, Ireland but he didn’t stay there long. At the age of 20, he moved to Switzerland, beginning a life of travel. Micheal has lived in 4 countries (Ireland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Thailand) and visited 35. Micheal also blogs over at Nomadic Mick

Little Nomad

Toddler sitting in camping chair.
Camping in Spain. Spring 2016.

Our son was born in 2013 in Ireland. He is already turning into a veteran traveller, with 22 countries visited so far. He loves camping and the beach. He can spot a playground from a speeding tuk-tuk at a distance of 200 yards.