Summer in Ireland

We had not planned to spend the rest of the summer back home in Ireland. For one thing, Irish summers are cold and rainy. So why did we come home early? I have been thinking a lot about the many different ways one can choose to live. We have both previously settled in a foreign … Read more

When Travel Insurance Isn’t Enough

Some thoughts on whether digital nomads and other long term travellers need more than just travel insurance. I had a bad health scare recently and it has left me with a lot of questions about health insurance. Like most people who travel frequently or anyone with a small child, we had put a lot of … Read more

2014 Review – 13 Countries

January – Ireland We started 2014 at our home in the little town of Manorhamilton, Ireland. Micheal had just finished an intensive course in web design and I was finishing up a diploma in Digital Marketing. We were restless and making plans for how we would start an online business so that we could travel … Read more

Back in Ireland Again

We have been back in Ireland for 6 days now and it has rained for every one of them. It feels like summer is truly over now. We have had a fantastic adventure since April. We drove from Ireland to Prague and then from Prague to Serbia and back again. We put 9,000 miles on … Read more

Run for the ferry!

If there is one thing you should have learned about Northwest Ireland from this blog, it’s that it rains constantly. You will have grand plans about going hillwalking to see some cairn on the weekend or some such notion and then you will not be able to go because it is raining, again. Have a … Read more