Day Trip from Prague – Lhota Lake

You probably don’t expect to spend much time on sandy beaches in a landlocked country like the Czech Republic, but when the summer temperature starts to rise, that’s exactly where you find many Czechs sunning themselves. The Czech Republic may not have an ocean but it makes up for it with many man-made lakes and reservoirs that are perfect for cooling down on a hot day. There are seven sandy lakes near Prague but Lhota Lake (jezero Lhota) is my favorite.

People sunbathing on the sandy shore of Lhota Lake.
Sunbathers at Lhota Lake.

Lhota Lake started as a sand and gravel quarry in the 1960s and became a lake sometime in the early 1980s. The sandy lake bottom makes a much more pleasant bathing experience than having your feet squelch around in lake mud. The sand gives good water visibility and I was able to see my feet while standing in shoulder-deep water.

Kiosk selling refreshments at Lhota Lake.
One of the many stands selling drinks and snacks.

Admission to the lake is 60 Kč for adults and 40 Kč for children aged 6-15 and students. After 5 pm, the price drops to 40 Kč for adults and 30 Kč for children 6 and over. There are many stands selling food and drink lining the main beach. On the weekend when we visited, there was also a stand selling many kinds of water floats for kids.

There is a nude beach on one side of the lake. When you walk into the main entrance from the parking lot, walk toward the beach. At the main path, turn left and walk all the way down. You won’t wander into it by mistake as it is separated from the main beach by a green, mesh screen.

Driving Directions:
Lhota Lake is approximately a 45-minute drive from Prague. Do not follow Google Map’s directions to the area marked Lhota Lake, it will send you to the wrong side of the lake and tell you to turn down a bicycle path! Put in the GPS coordinates and it will take you to the parking lot where you want to be. GPS 50°14’44.462″N, 14°40’7.626″E

Helpful Czech Phrases and Vocabulary

Signs you might see:

parkoviště – parking lot
vstup – entrance
pokladna – ticket counter or cashier desk
občerstvení – refreshment
výběr jídla – selection of food
převlékárny – changing rooms
sprcha – shower
nudipláž – nude beach
pozor – attention, caution, look out

Food and Drink

smažený sýr – fried cheese
sýr menu – this is usually fried cheese served with french fries
hranolky – french fries
langoš – vaguely resembles pizza. It is a deep fried dough, topped with ketchup and grated cheese, often with crushed garlic.
kureci rizek – chicken schnitzel
párek v rohlíku – similar to a hot dog
klobása – sausage
utopenci – pickled sausage, usually served with onions. This is very much an acquired taste.
nakládaný hermelín – pickled soft cheese, usually served with bread and onions. It can have a strong garlic flavour.
chleb – bread
zmrzlina – ice cream
točená zmrzlina – soft serve ice cream

pivo – beer
točené pivo – beer on tap
voda – water
malinovka – a non-alcoholic, fizzy raspberry drink. Very popular.
pomeranč džus – orange juice
káva – coffee


Dám si… – I’ll have …
Jedno pivo, prosím – One beer, please.
Dám si jedno pivo, prosím. – I’ll have a beer please.
Nerozumím. – I don’t understand.
Kolik to stoji? (kolik to stoyee) – How much does it cost?

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