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General Travel Questions

What countries have you visited?

As a family (24): Czech Republic, Ireland, United States, Morocco, France, Germany, Spain, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, United Kingdom (and Gibraltar), Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Portugal, Romania, Ukraine, Andorra, Poland
Just Ariadne (25 total): all of the above plus Mexico
Just Micheal (36 total): all of the above plus Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, Latvia, Italy, Brazil, Turkey, Mexico, Costa Rica

What languages do you speak?

Ariadne: French (intermediate), Spanish (very basic but trying to learn), Czech (basic with bad pronunciation).
Micheal: French, Czech (basic with better pronunciation).
Little Nomad: English, understands some very basic Czech words.


How do you afford to travel so much?

We both work online while travelling. Micheal is a web designer. I work part time in digital marketing (mainly setting up PPC and Facebook ads for companies). Micheal works 5-6 days a week and only gets to see the cities we visit in the evening or on weekends.

Do you pay taxes?

Yes, we pay taxes in our current home base of the Czech Republic where our business is registered.

What about paying social security? What will happen when you retire?

Micheal and I both pay into the Czech social security system. Theoretically, these credits could also transfer back to his home country of Ireland, which will entitle him to a state pension when he turns 66. However, we think it is smarter to also make monthly contributions to a private pension fund. Who knows where we will be living when we are 66.

Isn’t it really expensive to travel with a child?

Little Nomad is only three so the biggest extra expense is his airfare. Trains and buses are usually discounted or free for children his age. Preschoolers don’t eat that much or require their own hotel room so this is just not a big issue yet.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Our life would probably be very similar to the way it is now with a few small changes. Micheal would keep working but cut his hours down (I hope). I would become a full time writer. I would buy a gypsy roulotte style tiny house and some land in a country near the sea (probably France or Portugal) much sooner than planned. I would be able to afford more old, rare books and the really nice biodynamic wines.

Travelling With a Toddler While Working Online

What do you do about childcare while working?

Micheal watches Little Nomad for two hours in the morning while I work. Then I take over and Micheal goes to a co-working space or cafe to work for the rest of the day. I also work after he has gone to bed. Sometimes I take L.N. to an indoor playground in the afternoon and I can get an extra 30-60 minutes of work done on something that does not require 100% concentration. If one of us has extra work that needs to be done, they get to work Saturday morning.

Will you stop travelling when Little Nomad is old enough to start school?

That depends. I plan to homeschool our son through the primary years, what would be kindergarten through 5th grade in the United States. After that, it will be his choice as to whether he wants to continue homeschooling or enroll in a more traditional school. Either way, his education will be supplemented with private tutoring in music, art, languages and any academic area that he wishes to pursue. We will make these decisions as a family when the time comes.

The technical details.

This blog is hosted on Siteground. I’ve just started using this company (December 2016) so I haven’t been with them long enough to recommend them yet.

All of my other websites are hosted by Dreamhost. I have used them to host websites since 1999 and have always been happy with their shared hosting for evrything except very high traffic sites. I did try their VPS plan once but found it slower than the shared hosting.

Have more questions?

Ask me (almost) anything in the comments below or email me at ariadne at

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