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Guest Posts

As Nomad Tales is a personal narrative of our family’s journey of working and travelling around the world, we do not accept guest posts on this site. However, I have started a new website dedicated to family travel that is accepting guest posts about travel with children under the age of 5. You can get in touch by emailing ariadne [at] nomadtales [dot] com.

We do not accept sponsored posts from advertisers. Please see the Advertising section further down this page for advertising opportunities on Nomad Tales.

Press Trips and Destination Reviews

Would you like to invite us to visit your destination and write about it? We are a family and prefer to travel together. I can be available to travel without my husband but the baby always travels with me. Little Nomad will be four years old and this means that he requires his own airplane seat. That makes travel more expensive for us and we will be limiting the number of long flights. We will be in Europe for most of 2017. We might be back in Bangkok in October 2017.

Countries we plan to visit in 2017: Malta, Spain, France, Portugal.

Places we would love to visit: Madeira, Spain. Iceland is also very high on my list.

I am very interested in archaeological sites, history, museums, myths and legends, art, music, and nomadic ways of life.

I do not eat any meat aside from seafood so I cannot review restaurants that do not have a vegetarian or pescetarian option on the menu.

Product Reviews

We are open to product reviews that fall under the categories below:

Travel Gear: Micheal is always searching for the perfect luggage. I’m always looking for ways to travel lighter.

Travel Clothing: We only accept clothing from fair trade companies that pay their workers a fair wage and treat their employees with respect. Micheal is looking for the perfect pair of travel shoes to fit his wide feet.

Please contact me before sending any product for review. It must be mailed to our current location and not our office because we do not have packages forwarded to us.

Advertising on Nomad Tales

We do not offer banner ads on Nomad Tales at this time. Text ads are available for hotels, restaurants, and other attractions. Please use the contact form below to get in touch.