Rainy Days in Ireland

Having spent so much time in Spain this year, the weather in County Leitrim took a bit of effort to get used to again. Of course it rains a lot in Ireland but you usually get at least a few weeks of nice weather in the summer. The temperature has hovered around 14-17 degrees Celsius … Read more

Summer in Ireland

We had not planned to spend the rest of the summer back home in Ireland. For one thing, Irish summers are cold and rainy. So why did we come home early? I have been thinking a lot about the many different ways one can choose to live. We have both previously settled in a foreign … Read more

A Week in Lisbon, Portugal

As much as we love Madrid, the heat in the months of July and August were just too much to bear. We decided to escape the heat by spending 8 days in Lisbon, Portugal. While a week is more than enough time to see the main attractions and visit a couple of beaches, you may … Read more

When Travel Insurance Isn’t Enough

Some thoughts on whether digital nomads and other long term travellers need more than just travel insurance. I had a bad health scare recently and it has left me with a lot of questions about health insurance. Like most people who travel frequently or anyone with a small child, we had put a lot of … Read more

Hidden Bars of New York City

New York City is renowned for its trendy restaurants, stylish hotels, and an incredible variety of nightlife. It is a fun challenge to find a bar that your friends don’t know about yet. You will have to look closely to find the bars that I have listed below as all of them have hidden entrances. … Read more