Motorhome Travel With A Cat

Cat sleeping in a motorhome

The ability to keep a cat was something I looked forward to when changing from being a tent camper to owning a motorhome. I had seen many motorhomes and campervans with cats happily snoozing on the dashboard and could not wait to have our own. I didn’t anticipate the extra work that would be required. … Read more

So, We Bought A Motorhome. Now What?

Peugeot Boxer Bimobil motorhome

You may have noticed that it has been very quiet here at Nomad Tales in the past year. It’s not that there hasn’t been anything worth writing about. We still live in Prague, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. We still travel. In the past year, we have gone camping in three … Read more

Run for the ferry!

If there is one thing you should have learned about Northwest Ireland from this blog, it’s that it rains constantly. You will have grand plans about going hillwalking to see some cairn on the weekend or some such notion and then you will not be able to go because it is raining, again. Have a … Read more