A Croatian Folk Song

During our stay in Ljubljana, Slovenia, we came across a small medieval fair on Gornji Square (Gornji Trg). We saw a performer named Eleonora and stopped to listen for a bit. This is Eleonora performing her rendition of a traditional Croatian folk song about a young girl who becomes a fairy after drinking from an enchanted spring. This song appears to be based on the Croatian folk song called “Žedna djevojka” (The Thirsty Maiden). Lyrics are below the video.

Tri su ftice goru preletele,
Vu toj gori drevca ne kamenca,
Samo jeden javorek zeleni.
Pod njim sedi děvojčica mlada,

Svilu prede na na zlato vretence.
E juj mi je žedja dodihala,
Išla ona hladne vode iskat,
Našla ona zdenca jograjenca.

Klekne ona, da če vodu piti,
Krikne, vikne junak iz planine:
Ne pij vode, rožica děvojka,
Ovog zdenca vile jogradile!

Ak su vile zdenca jogradile,
Něsu vile vodu jostvarile
Klekne ona, da će vodu piti,
Kad napila, postala je vila.

English Translation:

The girl became a Fairy

Three birds have overflown the mountain,
in this mountain there is no tree, no stone,
just one small green maple tree
underneath sits a young girl.

She is purring on a gold spindle.
and she is captured by thirst,
she went to search for cold water,
she found fenced water spring.

She kneels to drink water,
the hero screams from the mountain:
do not drink water, you flower, girl,
this water spring was fenced by the Fairies.

If the Fairies fenced the spring,
the fairies did not poisoned it.
she kneels to drink water,
when she drank, she became a Fairy.

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